S.A. Bowls The sport of bowls is a healthy activity which caters for all ages both young and old. It creates a fun environment for the social player as well as an atmosphere for the competitive sports person.

Bowls SA is the governing body for the sport in South Africa that ensures clubs comply with International standards. Newcomers to the sport are encouraged and guided by qualified coaches and introduced to the club system.

Lawn Bowls is thriving at Sedgefield Bowling Club. It is toted as being a sport for all age groups that is currently gaining in popularity. The game of bowls is a perfect antidote for people constantly stressed by today’s frenetic lifestyle.  

One can slow down to harmonious rhythms that allow one to breathe, regain a sense of personal balance and be refreshed in spirit by sounds of nature. (besides the birds, the soothing sounds of woods clacking, muted conversation and gentle laughter!) 

Fun on a beautiful afternoon is what bowls can be but there is always the spirit of competition to make it even more enjoyable.

Bowls is truly 1Sport4Life it has an appeal for all ages all genders it is a safe target sport with no age restrictions why not visit Sedgefield Bowling Club and see what the sport of Bowls can offer you.